Why am I competing in the Open?

When I first heard of the Open, I was intrigued. What is this Open I speak of? Simply put, it is  qualifying for the CrossFit regionals and the CrossFit Games. The CrossFit Games is like the olympics of CrossFit. The pinicle of the sport. At the time of this post, there were over 100,000 people signed up for the Open. To compare this, last year there was just under 70,000 people signed up.


Do I honestly feel I can get to the Games? Nope.
Do I honestly feel I can get to the Regionals? Nope.

So what the hell am I doing this for?

To be cliche, I answer my question with another question: Why Not?

The Open is a chance to test my mettle. See what I really have inside me. To put it all on the line in front of the entire world. That last one may be a bit much, but it is in fact true. Will someone in Africa be looking me up? Nope. However, I will know where I fall in the world out of all the people in the Open.

This will connect me to the community even more. By seeing people on the leaderboard in my region, then see them compete at Regionals and maybe even at the Games is just too intriguing to pass up.

Could I do all this without actually registering for the Open? Yes. Does that stop me from wanting to be a part of history year after year? Nope.