700lb Pig - Shadow Mountain Farm

Climbing stairs hurts…. a lot.

Another week is in the books. During the last week both Elizabeth and I PRed (personal record) our back squats, competed in the open and hiked with Berkshire pigs. Organic food was consumed, muscles were torn and rebuilt, potties were pooped in, gumboots were filled with water. Typical week. Life is good.

My Girls.

700lb Pig from Shadow Mountain Farms.

Open WOD 13.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

My goal was to make it through all the wall ball and as many double unders as I could get. I only got my double unders about 1.5 months ago, but to be honest, once you get them, you kind of just have them. Doing as many as you can after 150 wall ball is a whole other beast however.

I ended up with 199 reps. Not too shabby for the likes of me.
What that means is I made it through all the wall balls and performed 49 double unders.

Today I am pretty damn sore in my quads and shoulders. Walking down stairs is painful, and squating down with the kids makes an audible and visual show of my pain.

Elizabeth again rocked me on this WOD. You see I have a bit of an advantage on the wall balls. Being 6’3″ and the target being at a 10′ mark, it is not a long distance for me to throw. Elizabeth is 5’4″ and the ladies target is at 9′. She literally needs to jump out of her squat to get it to that height. Despite this she STILL did more reps than me. Bitch. Good thing I love that ginger.

Elizabeth ended up with 225 reps. What that equates to is 150 wall ball and 75 double unders. Nice work babe!

Maren and Ian both rocked this WOD as well. However, I regret to inform you that Ian’s submission was rejected by CrossFit HQ. Shitty shitty news for Ian. Ian rocked this WOD and ended up in 13th place in his age range in the region until they yanked this from him. Check out Ian’s blog where I am sure he will mention something. Unaffiliated.ca

Maren doing 13.3 with Elizabeth taking pictures.

What will next week hold? A trip to Tofino, a server set up and another Open WOD. Ahhh.. life is good.