20lb sledge hammer

Do you live in reality?

I’ve had enough. I am just so disenfranchised with the fitness world today. There is so much information pointing you in a hundred different directions.

  • Eat this not that.
  • Cardio!
  • No Cardio!
  • Juicing is the way to healthy living.
  • Whole grains will save your life and lower your cholesterol.
  • Hot Yoga. Period.


If it is so easy to be fit, to look great and be healthy, then why are we seeing more and more of the population getting sicker, fatter and less healthy. In the age of information where everything is a Google search away, why are people not able to figure this out?

I keep racking my brain as to what the hell is the problem, and you know what? I think I may have figured part of it out.

One hypothesis I have is that people need to really want to change. I mean REALLY want to. If you have ever quit smoking you know what I mean. I will lay out the path of my quitting smoking journey about 8 years ago.

  1. I love smoking so much! Damn I look cool!
  2. Oh man, I keep waking up feeling great, having a smoke, then feeling like shit.
  3. I really have a quit smoking.
  4. Cough Cough Cough
  5. OK this time, I am going to quit, but I’ll start by cutting down.
  6. Two packs a day again? What the hell happened?
  7. Man I still feel like shit.
  8. Another morning, another pack of smokes, another depressing day smelling like shit.
  9. OK, this chick I really want to hook up with HATES smokers. Nah, she’ll ignore the cigarettes, I am too awesome.
  10. Shit, that didn’t work out.
  11. Its Tuesday, its sunny, I can’t wait for my morning routine. Coffee, muffin and a smoke! Fuck.. now I feel like shit again! Know what, thats it. I’m done.
  12. Call chick, date happens. Wow, that was awesome!
  13. Hook up with chick, months go by, get married, have kids, buy an SUV. Wholly crap, good thing I quit smoking!

It took me so many tries to quit smoking. Its embarrassing really. Looking back though, I know what happened. I wasn’t ready. How does all this relate back to my opening rant?

I believe that most people are just not ready to face reality. The reality that their poor choices are going to cause them to have pain, suffering and a shorter life. Everyone knows smoking will kill you. Why did it take me, a relatively intelligent person, so long to quit? Because I wasn’t willing to see, and more importantly, face reality.

Tool to face reality

Until you can truly face the reality of your choices, you will never change. Ever. Small steps be damned, you need to change your brain and SEE reality for what it is. Not what you have been telling yourself it is. Once you can do that, you will unlock a life you never thought possible. New jobs, new friends, new experiences will all be there for you.

So, what reality are you living in?