Barbells in the drivewal

You know carrying more muscle will make you die sooner right?

The Crux

The Crux

When I first started down my fitness journey I had so much support. Everyone was thrilled I was getting after it. “Nice work Adrian!” “That is so awesome buddy!” and “I’m going to start too!” were very common to hear from many many people out there.

As time went on people continued to congratulate me. I started to get the standard jokes: “Hey muscles…” or “Another protein shake??”. The funny thing was, the comments I was receiving were changing. They were no longer about how they wanted to start exercising. I was no longer being encouraged. The comments were turning towards questions and jokes that were more insulting than anything.

Anyone that has started down the path of truely changing their lifestyle for the better has seen this same progression in their friends and loved ones. I read about it everywhere, I see internet memes every day about this. But why?

My Theory

Maintaining the Status Quo. I think this is really it. If you think about human nature, generally speaking, people want things to stay the same. Change is seen as risk, and risk is seen as danger. So that person that is bettering themselves is not maintaining the status quo. They are straying from the path.

Now that we have that theory established we can build understanding around people’s actions. The jokes, the lack of continued encouragment can be related back to the danger others are seeing in front of them.

Well now what?

There are a couple ways to deal with this in my opinion.

  • Ignore the comments
  • Argue
  • Attempt to change their opinion
  • Rage
  • Put a pencil in their eye
  • Ask: “Do you even lift?”
  • Rage
  • Pour some fish oil under the seat of their car
  • Squat, becuase if you can’t fix it with fish oil or squats, you’re fucked.

My Choice


I have strongly considered many of the items in the above list. I have tried out quite a few. Rage feels good, but has no effect. The pencil didn’t go over well and trying to change their opinion yeilded the worst results.

I have decided that the way I want to tackle this problem is to simply be the best Adrian I can be. Fuck what others think about my lifestyle. While they are out pounding brews have a “good” time. I will happily PR my back squat, perfect my snatch or throw down with my kids and wife.

If you are reading this and you are one of those status quo people, I don’t blame you. You are simply following your natural human nature. However, if you are truely progressive, wanting to live longer, look better, be stronger, sleep better, have more sex or laugh more, then please ask me how. I want to help you. I am just not going to offer it up unless you ask. You need to take the first step. Not me.

Be the best you that you can be possible be today.

We made a choice.

What choice are you going to make?

Liz, mid-snatch

I just thought this was a cool picture. Girls doing snatches RULE!