Adrian damn tired after a WOD

Advice? Who needs it.

I love giving advice. Ask me about anything, and I will try to come up with some kind of advice for it. I think I am pretty well known for giving unsolicited advice. Unabashed, raw, honest, advice. To a fault, I give advice. I am trying to learn to only give advice when asked, however it is a struggle. That is a story for another day.

If I love giving advice so much, you would think that I would take advice everywhere I can get it. Until recently, I felt I did. Websites, forums, peers, friends, bosses, radio, all were sources of advice for me. I think I neglected one of the most important sources of information and advice. My closest and best friend, lover and partner, my wife.

Wife, Partner, Lover, Crossfit Comrade

Let me tell you a quick story to emphasize my point. I’ve been struggling with overhead squats for some time. Well, ever since I tried to perform an overhead squat, I have been struggling with them. Its a tough movement that requires balance, strength, confidence and flexibility. All of which are lacking in me as I haven’t been focusing on any of those functions at all until about March of last year.

Adrian Squatting Low

Two days ago Nancy came up on For those of you that dont know what Nancy is, let me educate you.


Five rounds for time of:
400m run
15 Overhead Squats at 95lbs

I scaled this down to 65lbs as I know I am weak at overhead squats. And to be honest, I thought that this wouldnt be too bad. But not too bad in Crossfit is like one of the worst workouts you have ever done outside of Crossfit.

Prior to Nancy my wife and I worked on our overhead squats for form and weight. Elizabeth kept saying to me, “try moving your hands in, your hands are way out on the bar.” To which I simply got angry and said that someone told me to move my hands out, hence why I have them out. She persisted and said to try to move them in. Angrily, after a few nasty overhead squats and no increase in success I finally did what she suggested and moved my hands in… a lot.

Low and behold, I think I performed one of the best overhead squats of my short Crossfit career.

Wait.. what?

Advice, should be given when asked for, and taken when needed or requested. I endeavor to do this as best I can moving forward.

Can you?

Adrian Sitting