CrossFit Apparel

When I first started CrossFit I had no idea where to find good CrossFit apparel. Searches on Google were bringing up so many ad sponsered content that I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I dilligently asked my CrossFitting buddy, Coach and PT, Ian where to look online. Below is a list of great places to find apparel and my thoughts on each store.

Reebok – Came onto the scene in 2011. Reebok makes everything from shoes (Nanos! Love them!) to shorts, tshirts and even compression gear. Their stuff is well made, and quite pricey. I can’t live without my Nanos though. Well worth the cost.

LifeAsRx – Love these guys! Great shirts, great designs. I own three of their shirts and a pair of their socks (at the time of writing). Elizabeth has two tanks. I have to say, out of all the shirts we have, LifeAsRx is the best. The fit is great, they are comfortable, great for WODing as well as just day to day. Last, but certainly not least, they have some of the best images out of all the WOD gear retailers.

HERO Culture – A local BC apparel company. I have bought a great hoodie personalized for Elizabeth from HERO. Great work. Hero recently combined with Constantly Varied Apparel. Good stuff there.
Real Xtreme – This is where I bought my first paid of WOD shorts from after a recommendation from Ian. I love them. Super light, great fit. They also have a 6’2″ and taller short option. I picked those up and I am really glad I did.

WodGear – I’ve never bought from these guys, but see their gear everywhere.

Rouge Fitness – The makers of some of the best equipment out there. After working with the Rogue crew during the Canada West Regionals last week, I will say this: Their apparel and equipment are both of the same high quality.

Local CrossFit Boxes – Most boxes (CrossFit gyms) sell t-shirts, hoodies and other gear. It is a bit of thing within CrossFit to find awesome CrossFit shirts from other boxes and show off where you have trained. I happily sport a CrossFit VicCity hoodie. I am really looking forward to the new CrossFit Taranis hoodie coming out from Hero as well.

This should be enough to get yourself going! Good luck and if you scope any deals, let me know!