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Elizabeth and me.Hello! My name is Adrian and I am a CrossFitter, Manager of IT and proud father of two ginger children. I have been CrossFitting since July 2012 and started my fitness journey on Feb 25th 2012. I adhere to the paleo principles (pastured animals, no grain, no processed foods, no sugar, no legumes) and believe that anyone… ANYONE can change their life. I am proof that this is possible. When I started my fitness journey I weighed 165lbs and couldn’t do one pull-up or even 2 push-ups. Follow my stats on my Stats page to see how I am progressing from that original start.

You can expect to see my thoughts on WODs, CrossFit, Nutrition, Marriage, Kids and even Technology. Daily beer drinking has turned into daily fish oil taking and I couldn’t be happier! Thanks for reading!

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