Stats to Come. For now, check out my CrossFit Games Athlete Profile.

Height: 6’3″
Weight: Updated June 19th – 195lbs Old – 187lbs
Age: 31

Deadlift: Updated June 19th – 315lb Old – 305lb
Front Squat: 205lb
Back Squat: Updated June 19th – 235lb Old – Updated March 22nd – 225lb Old PR: 210lb
Snatch: 135lb
Power Clean: 185lb
Squat Clean: 175lb
Hang Clean: 175lb
Clean and Jerk: 155lb
Bench Press: 155lb
Double Unders: Updated June 19th – 50 in a row Old -30 in a row
Kipping Pull-Ups (in a row): Updated June 19th – 10 Old – 5
Strict Pull-Ups (in a row): 12
Push-Ups (in a row): 30

Girl Named WODs:

Karen: March 23rd: 10:20


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